It’s been 4 years since Enveu started with a bunch of ragtag techies that set out to solve media business problems with tech innovations. Over the years, we’ve helped partners across the globe meet their business needs and reach greater heights through our Products & Services. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve helped publishers of all sizes — small, medium & large — to take better control of their audio & video content, user experiences across devices, users, revenues & overall business.

2020 was a milestone for us as well as the media industry. The trends that pundits had…

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“Just Do It”. Three words we live by to navigate the enormous speed of change around us in our lives as well as our businesses. At one time, entertainment was unimaginable without television. But now customers are increasingly cutting the cord with the cable television network and moving towards video-on-demand entertainment or OTT. Although you may want to ‘just do it’ and launch your business’s OTT service, the question is always — how?

If you set aside the fancy jargon and the complexities of technology, any OTT system can be pared down to 4 essentials. There are — the foundation…

In 1998, when Manchester United launched MUTV with a traditional broadcaster SkyTV, Netflix was a DVD mail service and OTT (media over the top of traditional broadcasting) didn’t exist. By 2018, Manchester United’s 650 million+ fans could now watch the channel on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Xbox.

Manchester United, though, isn’t the only club to provide such a streaming service. About a third of the top 25 football clubs and six of the top ten largest leagues and federations are offering premium OTT services. Sports fans can now watch MMA on UFC’s Fight Pass and Formula 1…

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Imagine, you are driving your car on a route you take every day. You know the familiar bumps & curves in the road and the landmarks along the way. Suddenly, you find yourself pulled into a high speed racing track while, simultaneously, all the vehicles on parallel lanes have screeched to a halt.

This is how OTT (Over The Top) media morphed in 2020. While the world came to a halt, your customers were forced to stay at home and they spent more idle time binge-watching on their many devices. …

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Today’s consumer uses multiple devices through their typical day to consume content in different formats.

Content is king, and it shows! The right programming tailored to your target audience can show visible results instantly. But delivering the experience is as important as creating great content.

The User Experience you deliver is where the rubber hits the road. If you keep your user in mind, have a firm understanding of the market and position your content right, you can’t go wrong. Here are a few UX tips to ensure you are beloved by your users:

Think of Your Users’ Needs First

Bucketing your users into 3–5 segments can help provide a clear picture for you to focus on and it can help…

As a tech leader, you have 3 types of resources at your command — People, Time & Money. And each of these is available in a finite amount of resources.

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Building an OTT platform from scratch requires a lot of resources & processes in place.

Like any true-blue techie who’s ever played a RTS sim like Age of Empires II will tell you, the volume of resources you possess is of little consequence, it’s what you do with it that counts.

And when you’re a CTO / Tech Leader in a media house and have been charged with ushering in the OTT revolution — you’ve got a heady task of managing your resources wisely. It…


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